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Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier Review

Jan 25, 2018

Smart home products not only make your house a better place to be, but also a safer one. Air purifiers are the quintessential smart home devices for your home in a metro city, especially in India.

Smart air purifiers for home provide all-round protection from air pollution. They can be remotely controlled to ensure that you get clean air when you arrive home after work.

The Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier is one such product that offers superb aesthetics and even better functionality.


The Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier comes with a 360-degree airflow design, which ensures free movement of air in and out of the unit. You can simply turn on the air purifier, without worrying about the placement.

The Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier also has a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (580 Cu M/Hr), which means your room becomes pollution-free within minutes.

HEPA Filter

The Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier comes with an Apollo H11 HEPA filter. The HEPA technology is considered one of the best commercially available air purification techniques. The Apollo H11 HEPA filter removes 99.9% of fine dust, pet dander, and other air pollutants from your home.

WiFi Enabled Controls

Simply download the app for controlling the air purifier operations on your smartphone and control the quality of air inside your home, anytime, anywhere.

The Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier also has a real-time display metre for PM2.5 particles inside your home. Thus, letting you manage the air purifier operation times accordingly.

Where to buy Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier?

All Livpure products are available from authorised sellers across India. You can also buy Livpure air purifiers online through renowned e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

To know more about the Livpure Smart O2 580 Air Purifier and our other products, visit us at https://www.livpure.in/

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