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Most likely health issues during winter months

Nov 23, 2017

Winters are almost upon us and so are several health issues which arise with a change in the weather. For someone living in an Indian metro city, the elevated air pollution levels during winters can cause severe health problems.

This post highlights the measures you can take for the sampurna suraksha of your family from the elevated air pollution levels during the winter months.

Here are some of the most likely health issues that come up with cold weather,

Risk of catching a virus: The air is drier during winters, which in turn allows the flu viruses to survive much longer than their average life span. Since we tend to be indoors, whether at home, office or in a public space, the chances of catching a viral flu increases manifold.

Risk of an asthma attack: Air circulation in our environment slows down during winter months, thus trapping pollutants such as carbon monoxide from traffic pollution and fine dust particles, creating smog. Asthmatic patients have a heightened risk of having asthma attacks during this period. Wearing a face mask when going outdoors can significantly reduce the risks of asthma attacks from outdoor air pollution.

For in home protection, you can buy a home air purifier and use our indoor air protection guide to keep your house ventilated.

Damage to nervous system: Air pollution can also cause health problems for people without asthma or respiratory problems as well. Suspended particulate matter (SPM) can enter our bloodstream through the respiratory system and lead to serious headaches and escalate the risk of migraines.

Once again protection from these particles can be ensured by following readymade life hacks available on the internet, and investing in smart home technologies such as air purifiers.

Risk of heart attacks: Our heart increases the blood circulation during winters to keep the body warm. Thus, heart patients must take extra care while taking up strenuous work or exercising in winters.

If an elderly family member suffers from heart condition in your family, do keep a regular check on their health during winter season.

Skin and hair problems: As the weather becomes dry, our bodies begin to respond to the change. Flaky skin, dandruff, and increased hair fall can result from not taking adequate hydration. Remember to take fluids regularly and use natural moisturizers and oils to protect your hair and skin from these damaging effects.

In the meanwhile, you can share our sampurna suraksha blogs with everyone to spread awareness about the harmful effects of pollution and changing weather on our lives.

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