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Must-have Essential Oils to Get Naturally Flowing Beautiful Hair

Apr 20, 2017

Essential oils are rich in medicinal properties that are healthy for your hair. These oils will help you treat different kinds of hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, or premature greying. Moreover, they promote hair growth and improve blood circulation by stimulation of hair follicles. Check out 10 essential oils that’ll help nourish and maintain your beautiful hair.


This essential oil contains aphrodisiac properties. It has a strong, distinct odour. A good combination is to use it with lemon and lavender. People have been using ylang-ylang for a long time. During the Victorian period, it was a popular remedy for hair growth. In addition, it stimulates hair growth and helps in the production of the scalp’s sebum to nourish damaged and dry hair. Ylang-ylang also has aromatherapy benefits and helps relieve stress in the body. It also helps repel lice.

Tea Tree

Tea tree works wonders for your hair and even the scalp. It’s antifungal properties help fight against dandruff. Similarly, it gets rid of greasiness and itchiness. Tea tree oil slows down hair loss and promotes hair growth. Your hair will begin to look and feel fuller. Similar to ylang-ylang, tea tree oil helps fight against head lice.


Lavender has proven to help increase the number of hair follicles. It helps develop stronger roots to prevent hair loss.


This essential oil stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood circulation in the scalp. It promotes thickness in hair and effectively fights against dandruff too.


Help minimise scalp itchiness and flakes. It also combats both dry and oily hair and prevents split ends. Rosemary has proven to effectively fight against balding. It stimulates the hair follicles and prevents premature baldness.


Juniper berry is well known for its antiseptic properties which help in maintaining your scalp. Secondly, its astringent properties prevent hair loss. They’re also popular because of the pleasant and fruity scent. They blend well with lemon and cedarwood oil. In addition, it’s suitable for oily hair and strengthens brittle strands.


This plant is popular because of its invigorating and fresh scent of mint. Studies have shown that a blend of jojoba and 3% peppermint oil notably increased the thickness and length of the hair. Additionally, the hair follicles were deeper and further promote stronger hair. Peppermint oil is a good choice for hair growth.


This oil is a brilliant source of antiviral and antifungal properties. It helps tackle various issues related to the scalp, especially dandruff.


Rosemary oil has a strong woody and minty aroma. It’s rich in antioxidants that combat premature thinning and greying of hair. It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation in the scalp. The oil suits people who have oily hair. It also helps in cleaning the pores that lead to acne and an itchy scalp. Regularly applying rosemary oil ensures strong, healthy and non-greasy hair.


This soothing oil is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Rub chamomile oil onto the scalp to help relieve you from an itchy and scaly scalp. Chamomile oil protects against the harmful effects of environmental pollutants and conditions your hair. Use it as a conditioning rinse. It’ll lighten your hair colour and give a golden sheen to it.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent in nature. You shouldn’t apply them directly on the scalp. Add a few drops of suitable carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil. You can also experiment with different combinations of essential and carrier oils. In case you have a scalp condition that prevents you from oiling your hair, you can still apply essential oils by diluting them with vinegar, alcohol or floral water.

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