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New Year Gifts for Your Family and Home

Jan 23, 2018

It's 2018 and we are sure you are already working on your new year resolutions. A new year brings a lot of things with it, celebrations and gifts are surely among them.

If you are also due on fulfilling last year's promises for gifts in the new year, here are some home improvement products and sensible gifts to get for your loved ones.

A Water Purifier

Happen to live in a metro city or a large Indian City? Well then, an RO water purifier is one of the most sensible things to buy for your home. Rising water pollution in urban areas of India warrants the purchase of an RO purifier anyhow.

Brands such as Livpure offer some of the best RO water purifiers and support services with their nationwide network of authorised service centres.

An Air Purifier

Well, health issues caused by pollution are our major concern in the new year. Therefore, we recommend buying an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers were a novel concept a few years back but nowadays they have become a necessity.

The recent spike in air pollutants in Delhi is an example of how dangerous air pollution can really be for your kids and other family members.

So, gift your family an air purifier to keep them safe from air pollution.

Holiday Package

The winter break just got over, and everybody may feel a bit low, going back to their normal schedule. You can give them something to look forward to in the new year by buying a holiday package for the summer break.

Pre-booking these packages will also help in saving some money as the demand is low at the moment.

Smart Home Lighting

This is another home product that you can invest to delight your family members. Smart home lighting solutions also help you save on your electricity bills. Smart LEDs are a bit expensive at the moment, but you can slowly build up the network inside your home as the new year progresses and have fully integrated smart home lighting by the time its 2019.

To buy home water purifiers and air purifiers, you can visit us at http://www.livpure.in

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