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Prepping for the next marathon? 3 -5 bottles per day of pure drinking water has got to be on your list!

Mar 01, 2017

Is the fitness freak in you ready to run the next marathon? While it’s obvious that months of training and dedication are necessary to achieve your goal, you also have to take care of a few things while you’re on the run.

Since a marathon involves miles and miles of running, your focus on food and fluids is as important as your training. One of the key nutrients you’ll need is water. Water has no calories and it keeps you hydrated during the whole time. High-intensity exercise such as running will involve dehydration of fluids from your body. That’s why it is essential that you make water your best friend, starting today!

While we are on the subject of drinking water, you must also know that drinking purified water is essential. Tap water has its own shortcomings and bottled water isn’t a very healthy or convenient alternative. Your best alternative is purified water from a certified water purifier.


Purified water retains essential minerals and removes all the harmful contaminants. That’s why it is important for you to carry at least 3-4 bottles of pure drinking water with you. You’ll sweat while running. Sweating is important as it helps maintain your core temperature at a constant level and helps your body lose the heat generated by your working muscles. You must also consider the duration of your run and the environment. If you’re running on a hot day, you’ll sweat more and your breathing rate will go up. This essentially means that your body will lose a lot of water during the whole process.


You can get easily dehydrated, and research shows that performance level decreases when you become dehydrated. The International Marathon Medical Directors Association has suggested that runners must drink 400-800ml of fluids per hour, depending on the environment and duration of the run.

Therefore, you need to keep checking your hydration level to ensure that you are compensating for the loss of fluids from your body. But there are a few important things to remember while drinking water during a marathon. Take a quick look.

What are the signs of dehydration?

Your body will give you signs through which you can interpret if you’re dehydrated or not. One of the easiest ways is to check the colour of your urine. If it is clear, you’re fine. But if it is yellowish or darker, you’re not sufficiently hydrated. The signs of mild to moderate dehydration include headaches, feeling thirsty, dizziness and dry mouth.

How should the water be consumed while you’re on the run?

Don’t drink too much of water at once. If you drink excessive amounts of water within a short span, it may lead to hyponatremia (low sodium level in the blood). It may also have other negative impacts on your health. While starting the marathon, make sure you’re adequately hydrated but don’t consume excessive amounts of water. Sip small amounts of water while you’re running. Avoid drinking large volumes in one go.

How to keep track of water you’ve lost?

Weigh yourself before the marathon and after a training run to get an idea of how much water you’re likely to lose. A two-percent loss of water is an indication that you’ll probably get dehydrated during the run and so you have to chalk out a hydration plan accordingly.

How to access pure water?

Don’t spend a fortune on bottled water in a day. Get a water purifier installed and carry the purified water in bottles to the event. It is a safe, pure and the most economical way to complete your marathon.


Another important point to remember is that on the day of the marathon, your routine will be quite different from the practice sessions. Drink water at regular intervals and have a healthy breakfast before the marathon begins.

The point is quite clear here. Drinking water should be the key part of your training. Not only does it give you clean water, but it is also packed with essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs. By making it a habit of drinking water through the day, you’ll save yourself from the risk of dehydration and the effects that follow. So, get the best out of your training sessions and rock it on your big day!

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