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Price or Features? Things to Consider when Buying a Water Purifier

May 29, 2018

It is always a dilemma when you invest in a new technology. On one hand, you wish to try it first before going for a feature loaded product, on the other, you are enticed by the idea of getting the absolute best.

Well, there are two aspects to the psychological question we face. One, it depends on the type of product we are buying and second, it depends on the capability of the technology in solving the problem.

For example, when buying a smartphone, one can forgo a costlier model in favour of a more economical one as the basic functionality remains the same. All smartphones offer a basic set of functions and the only thing that differentiates price is the speed of their operation. On the other hand, when buying a smart home product such as a water purifier, the same considerations cannot be applied.

A water purifier provides clean drinking and cooking water for homes. Different water purifiers are rated for different levels of protection from water pollution. Where a gravity-based water purifier will clean basic pollutants from your water supply, an RO water purifier will offer a more comprehensive protection from inorganic matter like arsenic and hard water elements. Furthermore, when you buy an RO+UV water purifier, the level of protection increases even more.

Brands such as Livpure offer a comprehensive range of water purifiers in India. You can purchase a water purifier as per the level of TDS in the supplied water. These water purifiers are available at different price points, beginning from the very basic gravity-based water purifiers to the most advanced RO+UV water purifiers.

So, to make a long story short, when buying a water purifier or an air purifier or any such product, which offers a health and fitness value, features should be your priority. Whereas it never hurts to save some money on non-essential technologies like smartphones etc.

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