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Protecting Your Pets from Waterborne Diseases

Jan 31, 2018

In the past few years, the number of health issues in household pets have increased manifold due to waterborne diseases.

Animals can get affected by water pollution as easily as humans do. And since animal companions stay with us, any contamination in municipal water supply directly affects their well being.

Here we are sharing some simple water safety rules that will protect your pets from waterborne diseases.

  • For starters, filling your pet's water bowl with clean drinking water from your home water purifier is a good idea.
  • Also, make sure that you use pure water when preparing meals for your pets. Readymade pet foods that require water to be added should be used with RO purifier water, rather than tap water.
  • Be extra careful about your pet's water intake when taking them out for recreational activities. Streams and ponds may have polluted water that can make your pet sick. Don't let you pet near water bodies that have smelly water.
  • Meet the vet to understand the types of bacteria, viruses and parasites your pet is susceptible to, and take necessary action to prevent its exposure to their sources.
  • As an extra measure, you can also get a portable water purifier to give your pet safe drinking water when obtaining water from a freshwater source.

When to Contact the Vet?

If you have been out with your pet, near a freshwater source recently, and since then your furry friend’s activity levels have dropped, contact the vet immediately and arrange for an appointment.

The problem may not always be related to water intake, but there is a definite chance of biological dysfunction due to polluted water intake by your pet.

Safeguarding Your Home and Pets from Water Pollution

Buying a home water purifier is the immediate and readily available solution against water pollution. RO water purifiers are the best commercially available products for ensuring clean drinking water supply for your home.

Livpure is one of the top RO purifier brands in India and offers comprehensive protection from waterborne diseases for everyone in your family, including your pets.

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