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Safeguard your family's health at just Rs.24 per day!

Mar 01, 2017

Do you know how much you spend on drinking water in a year? Rs. 10,000? Rs. 15,000? Rs. 20,000? You’ll be surprised to find out just how much you’re spending!

Your answer could even be that you don’t spend any money at all. In that case, are you sure that the water you drink is safe and pure? What if you could get unlimited safe and healthy drinking water for roughly the price of a 1-liter bottle of mineral water? With “Rent an RO” solution from Livpure, you can. The solution costs just about Rs. 24 per day!

Buying bottled water every few days is inconvenient, and you can never be sure about the quality of water you are drinking. The hassle of buying cans, replacing them when they run out, call in for delivery, etc. can bog you down. But that’s not the case when you drink water that passes through 6 stages of purification right in your home!

“Rent an RO” plan by Livpure lets you take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Livpure PEP+ RO+UV+TE purifier at just Rs 699 per month!


Do you need a good reason to switch from packaged drinking water to RO purified water? We have several!

  • Even if packaged drinking water is safe when it is bottled, it can develop harmful bacteria when you store it.

       ·   RO purified water is free of harmful microbes, including bacteria, protozoa and viruses. And, since the water is purified on demand,                 there’s no scope for microbes to develop.

      ·   With packaged drinking water, you are always dependent on suppliers. Whereas, when you have your own RO water purifier, you’ll get             pure water at the press of a button.

  • When you switch to water purifiers for your drinking water supply, you’re saying no to plastic bottles, which are harmful to the environment. In fact, Livpure RO water purifiers are made from 100% recyclable plastic.

You’re probably wondering how renting an RO water purifier is better than owning one? Let us tell you—the advantages are several.

Here’s how “Rent an RO” from Livpure is a really good option:

  • Your RO purifier will be installed and maintained for the entire tenure without additional AMC/ACMC (annual maintenance contract/comprehensive) charges.
  • You can get a full refund anytime within 1 month—no questions asked.
  • Get three preventive maintenance services in a year at no additional cost.
  • As a rent customer, you get a dedicated helpline number for quick resolution of issues.
  • It’s a great option if you live in a rented apartment and have a transferable job.
  • You can forget the hassle of moving a large purifier when changing homes
  • At the end of two years, after successful payment of rent, the purifier will be yours.


What makes the Livpure PEP+ RO+UV+TE purifier great?

Aesthetically speaking, the Livpure PEP+ RO+UV+TE purifier has an elegant and stylish design that will definitely complement your kitchen. The purifier comes equipped with Power On, purification process and a tank full indicator (capacity of 7 litres). This is good for a full household, plus you have access to good, safe, healthy drinking water at all times.

What makes this purifier an excellent choice is its 6-stage water purification system

This includes:

  • Sediment filter, which removes smaller and coarser particles

      ·   Pre-activated carbon cum adsorber to eliminate harmful pesticides and to remove any colour, bad taste and odour from water

      ·    Anti-Scalant cartridge that reduces scale build-up on membrane layers caused by salt water

      ·    Reverse osmosis membrane (the most important purification stage) that gets rid of dangerous dissolved solids and chemicals such as            pesticides, herbicides, THMs, heavy metals, etc. It also effectively removes disease causing microbial threats

     ·    Ultra violet disinfection column, which is a second layer of protection against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

  • Silver impregnated post carbon filter, which gets rid of organic impurities

Renting an RO purifier from Livpure is easy!

Just visit the Livpure website and submit your details. Once that’s done, a company representative will contact you. Simply keep your identification documents ready for verification. Once verified, your PEP+ RO+UV+TE purifier will be delivered and installed soon.

To learn more about Livpure water purifiers and convenient renting options, visit livpure.in

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