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Simple cures for bloated tummy you should know

Apr 11, 2017

Stomach bloating is quite common. High levels of stress, exposure to pollutants and a bad diet are some of the most familiar reasons. A bloated stomach is uncomfortable, and in certain cases can be even embarrassing, especially when there’s a need to make a run to the restroom. At the same time, stomach bloating can be a sign of serious health problems too. It can lead to major issues like digestive disorders, allergies, autoimmune reactions or even cancer in certain cases.

What are the causes for a bloated tummy?

After a meal, you may feel a sense of uneasiness in your stomach. You may also notice that your stomach is protruding. It’s nothing but built-up gas in your digestive system. It’s a temporary condition where the air is stuck around your abdomen and it leads to discomfort. However, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. In certain cases, some changes to the diet and habits can make a significant difference.

Bloating can be easily related to problems in the digestive system when there’s an inability to metabolise the food properly or in a case of improper bowel movement. Not getting enough rest and feeling stressed also leads to the problem of a bloated stomach.

In most cases, there is excessive gas in the intestines. This incidence of gas is caused by inadequate protein digestion because some foods begin to ferment. During the digestion process, there can be an inability to break down carbohydrates and sugar completely. There are certain complex sugar compounds that need the presence of enzymes to help with digestion. Some people lack such enzymes, which leads to a bloated stomach.

Simultaneously, in the digestive tract, trillions of healthy and unhealthy bacteria compete against each other. When the ‘bad bacteria’ outweigh the good, an imbalance takes place and this can lead to a bloated stomach with excessive gas.

5 simple cures to tackle a bloated stomach

1. Probiotics

Probiotic supplements contain ‘good bacteria’ and yeasts. They are healthy for your gut and the bacteria aid digestion. They help reduce bloating that’s caused by diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Don’t include gassy fruits and vegetables in your diet

Stomach bloating is also caused by vegetables and fruits that induce gas. Some of them are cabbage, cauliflower, beans, lettuce, apples, pears and peaches.  Replace them with various other healthy vegetables and fruits that help you with digestion and don’t cause any form of painful bloating.

Also, there are certain biscuits that may lead to bloating as well. The reason being, they contain hardened, heat-resistant fats like palm oil and sugar. The combination of sugar along with excessive fat may alter your intestinal gut flora to cause you discomfort or worsen it. Reduce the consumption of such food items, and you’ll notice an improvement.

3. Watch your fibre consumption

Fibre is considered healthy as it helps move food easily along your digestive tract. However, fibre also leads to an increase in the amount of gas. Take a close look at the amount of fibre present in your daily diet. Try reducing your intake and see if it makes any form of improvement. High fibre foods include whole-grain bread, whole-wheat, brown rice and bran.

4. Lower your salt intake and prevent water retention

You’ll feel thirsty if you consume a lot of salt. Consider reducing your salt intake.

Few smart ways to reduce your salt intake

- Don’t add salt to your meat before cooking.

- While cooking pasta and rice don’t add salt to the water.

- Look for “low sodium” when you purchase canned food items. Many canned products are stored in salt water.

- Avoid eating out frequently, as restaurants tend to add a good amount of salt to flavour their food.

5. Lead a healthy lifestyle

It’s important that you exercise on a regular basis. Maintain a clean and healthy diet to accompany your workout regime. Do not smoke, and avoid carbonated drinks. Drink the recommended amount of clean water on a daily basis. Water helps you stay active and cleans your digestive system. Similarly, learn to manage stress both at work and home.

Stomach bloating can interfere with your daily schedule. Observe the food and drinks that lead to this condition and avoid them. As always, pay close attention to your diet and keep improving your mental and physical health.

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