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Simple Exercises and Tips to Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level

Apr 13, 2017

If you need to be in the prime of your health, you need to ensure that your blood sugar levels are within the permissible limit. Regular fluctuations in these levels can have negative side effects. Did you know that it’s possible to regulate your blood sugar level by following simple exercises and controlling your dietary intake? Read on and learn how you can regulate your blood sugar level.

Regular exercise

Exercising regularly not only helps you lose weight but also increases your body’s insulin sensitivity, which means that your body can effectively use the sugar that’s available in your blood. Regular exercising will make your body use the sugar to generate energy and make up for the heat loss during a workout. However, do not over-exert yourself. Simple forms of exercise such as jogging, riding a bicycle, running, brisk walking and swimming would help a great deal.

Make water your preferred drink

Often when we are feeling tired and thirsty, we tend to chug down glasses of fruit juices, fizzy beverages or energy drinks. While these tend to provide you with a feeling of instant energy, they cause sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels followed by a steep drop, which can have negative effects on your health.

The best way to rehydrate and feel fresh is by drinking pure water, preferably slightly warmer than the room temperature. Purified water can help cleanse out excess blood sugar through your kidneys. Whether you are feeling thirsty or not, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. But be sure not to consume contaminated water as this can cause unwanted side effects. Always drink water obtained from a well-maintained water purifier.

Reduce carbohydrates and increase fibre intake

When there is an excess of carbohydrates in the body, it gets broken down into sugars. These sugars cause the blood glucose levels to rise. To avoid this, you need to ingest a good amount of fibre-rich foods. Fibre reduces the sugar absorption into your bloodstream, thereby slowing the digestion of carbohydrates. In particular, soluble fibre is better at managing blood sugar than insoluble fibre.

Avoid popping those pills

Many people resort to consuming tablets for minor ailments. While these tablets seem to provide temporary relief from the symptoms, it can adversely affect the blood sugar levels in your body. Unless prescribed by a certified doctor, do not consume tablets. Opt for natural remedies instead. For example, if you suffer from dust allergy, a mixture of ginger and garlic consumed with hot water greatly helps.

Control stress levels

While it may seem surprising, stress is one of the major contributors for high blood sugar. It’s because certain hormones such as cortisol and glucagon begin to generate when your mind or body is under stress. These hormones cause the blood sugar in the body to rise. Regularly practising yoga, pranayama and breathing exercises will help reduce stress, thereby regulating the blood sugar levels.

Make sure you are well rested

Improper sleep cycles, lack of rest and physical or mental fatigue can cause variations in your blood sugar levels. Sleep deprivation causes an increase in the body weight, reduces the incidence of the growth hormone and generates unwanted cortisol in the process. Hence, it is essential to have a good night’s sleep without any distraction. Keep yourself away from electronic gadgets and bright lights (including the light emitted from the television sets) for at least an hour or two before sleeping. Oversleeping can also have negative effects, so you need to be wary of that as well.

Regularly exercising, maintaining your diet, and staying hydrated will ensure that you are fit and leading a healthy life. It’s also important that you learn to manage stress both at work and home.

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