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Simple magic tricks you can do with the water that your kids will enjoy!

Apr 28, 2017

A child’s laughter is the best sound you can hear. Why not spend the weekend amusing your little ones with some magic tricks using plain and simple water? Here are some easy water tricks that will dazzle you children and make you a cool parent among their group of friends. You will find all you need to do these tricks easily around your home. So, get ready to leave your children spellbound.


Turn flowing water to ice

This is easy to execute magic trick that looks simply amazing. All you need to do is keep a bottle of water in the freezer until it is just about to reach the freezing point or roughly thirty-two degrees celsius. This should take anywhere between one or two hours depending on your freezer. Carefully take the water out of the freezer without any disturbance and pour it onto an ice cube piece. The water instantly turns into ice while it is flowing. 

Water changes direction

Light bends through the water due to refraction. Take a piece of plain white paper and draw two large horizontal arrows moving from left to right. Now fill up a clear glass of water and slide it from side to side in front of the paper which has been placed upright.  As the glass of water slides across the picture, watch the arrows flip and travel in the opposite direction, that is right to left.

Make a ketchup sachet rise and fall in a bottle of water

This trick will really make you look like a real magician and leave your children in awe of you. Here's what you need to do. Fill a clear plastic bottle with water till an inch below the brim. Insert a sachet of ketchup into the bottle. Make the sachet rise and fall by subtly squeezing and releasing the bottle with one hand and make rising and falling gestures with the other hand to distract your children. 

Poke sharps pencils through a bag of water without spilling a drop

Fill a zip lock bag with water three-quarters of the way and seal it tightly. Sharpen three to four pencils well. Now hold the zip lock bag in one hand and thrust the pencils through the side of the bag until they come out at the other end. The molecular composition of the bag ensures that it seals the edges of the pencils tightly preventing any water from coming out.

Repel pepper powder

Pour water into a bowl or flat-bottomed plate that has some depth. Now sprinkle some pepper powder on the top. Ask your children to dip a finger into the water. Nothing will happen. Secretly rub some soap on your finger before the trick. Now dip your finger into the water and watch the pepper magically repel your finger and spread away.

The balloon that doesn’t burst

Fill a balloon with water and knot the opening. Also, fill a few balloons with air and give them to your children. Now, light a candle. Ask your children to place their balloon over the flame. The balloons will burst instantly. Place your balloon that is filled with water over the flame. It won’t pop as the water will dispel the heat preventing the balloon from popping for a short period of time. Remember not to hold your balloon on the flame for too long or it will pop. This trick needs some practice to become perfect.

Try these simple tricks to easily amuse your children and become a star in your neighbourhood.

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