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Sources of Water Pollution in Metro Cities, How You Can Help in its Prevention

Jan 24, 2018

Urban water pollution is a growing problem in developing countries of the world. Indian cities rank among some of the most polluted urban centres around the globe.

Here we are sharing the main causes of water pollution in urban areas of India and how you can help the mission of saving water for our future generations.

Main Sources of Urban Water Pollution in India

  • Sewage: Densely populated areas require adequate sewage facilities as well. Due to the lack of municipal sewage treatment, the human waste has become one of the largest contributor to the pollution of water bodies in urban areas.
  • Plastic Wastes: Another major contaminator of water sources in metro cities of India is plastic waste which ends up in streams and local rivers, e.g. Yamuna in Delhi. Plastic bags often contain other polluting substances such as rotting food or poisonous chemicals, which further pollute the water.
  • Wasted Tap Water: When you leave the tap running, it inadvertently converts clean water into polluted water, which is another major cause of water pollution in India.
  • Other Activities: A lot of water is wasted at car wash stations, gas stations, and in general by people living in urban areas, adding to the total water pollution by a city centre.

How to Counter Water Pollution?

There are several ways you can promote conservation and preservation of local water bodies in your city.

  • Community Effort: Join hands with like-minded people to protect your local water bodies from pollution. Citizen action will also prompt the administration in taking action and help conserve your city's water bodies.
  • Make Saving Water a Habit: To promote the importance of water conservation, you must lead by example. Inculcate water management in your kids and family members, and most importantly yourself. Ask your friends as well, and build a network of water aware individuals.
  • Buy a Water Purifier: It is also important to safeguard yourself against water pollution. Buying an RO water purifier for your home will ensure that your family has a clean source of drinking water. You can also contact your workplace management to get an office water purifier. This will also prompt your colleagues to take the menace of water pollution seriously.

Concluding Thoughts

Only through community efforts and a change in our lifestyle can we overcome the various forms of pollution. At Livpure, we consistently promote healthier and greener living. Our air and water purifier products are available from all leading online and offline sellers.

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