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Staying hydrated during a hot summer month in Delhi

Jun 15, 2018

Summers are here, and so is, dehydration. Delhi can get really hot during summers and the effect can be seen from the cases of heat stroke that are reported across the national capital. It's only April and the mercury is already hovering near 40 degrees celsius, so we are sharing some things to keep you cool and hydrated in the coming summertime.

Avoid walking directly under the sun

Minimising your day out time during from 10 am to 3 pm is a good place to start. These are the most vengeful hours of the sun and prolonged exposure can leave you gasping for water. Also, do not jump between extreme temperatures.

Moving straight from an air-conditioned space to the extremely hot outdoors is also not a very good idea. It may lead to a heat stroke in no time at all. You can literally get a heat stroke by walking 200 metres in the direct sun when coming out of a cooler place.

Keep a check on your energy levels

Keeping a track of electrolyte count and fluid levels in your body will help you stay a step ahead of dehydration in summers. Use the water from your home water purifier to whip up a cool lemonade or iced tea drink before heading out of home. Add a pinch of salt to the mix as well as it helps our body in retaining water.

Calibrate your workouts

Avoid strenuous workout sessions during summers to ensure that your body is not losing too much water through sweating. Drink water and nutrient rich drinks in the gym to keep away muscle cramps and dizziness caused by the hot weather. A water bottle and a water drinking reminder app on your phone will keep your body mobile and agile during the summertime.

Eat citrus fruits and fresh veggies

You will need a lot of vitamin C to see you safely through the summers. Eat portions of oranges, kiwis and other water fruits. Also veggies will provide necessary nutrition to keep you moving so eat seasonal vegetables like gourds and lettuce.

Wear breathable clothing

Do not go out in your James Bond attire during an Indian summer, avoid the blacks and stick to lighter shades. Also, avoid satins and silks in favour of cottons and linens.

Follow these tips and beat the heat during the coming summers. Let us know of the ways you are going to keep yourself cool during the summers in the comment section below.

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