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Switch to a water purifier before it is too late

Jun 22, 2018

It is a possibility that your water is affecting your productivity. Contaminated water is one of the major sources of health issues in the world.

With its huge population, India uses roughly 1,09,20,000 lakh cubic meter water. 80 per cent of this water is used for agriculture and irrigation, 14% for electricity generation, 4 per cent in industry and around 2% for domestic purposes & drinking purposes. On the other hand, municipal sewage accounting to 3650 million cubic meters and industrial effluents to the quantity of 750 million cubic meters are dumped into our rivers, further contaminating the available water. In the world, about 250 million people suffer from water related diseases and 3 million people die due to water related diseases, every year. Water pollution at regional and local levels in India causes substantial amount of damage to human health and affecting both productivity and income.

Home Water Filtration

While there is little that can be done aside from raising awareness in your community about the municipal water supply, you can take a pro-active step to counter water pollution.

Buying a water purifier for your home gives you all the benefits of commercial water filtration. The RO water purifiers use the time tested technique of reverse osmosis to remove inorganic contaminants such as arsenic, metals and hard water elements from the water supply.

Moreover, an RO + UV water purifier will also kill off bacteria and viruses from the water by deploying ultra violet rays. The UV water purifier is also ultra affordable to maintain over a period of time.

Benefits of Home Water Filtration

With a water purifier you no longer need to worry about the following things:

  • Getting clean water for drinking and cooking
  • Nutrition from water
  • Health and growth of the little ones in the family
  • The well being of seniors and elderly
  • The onerous task of filling up the fridge bottles

On a side note, buying a water purifier from an established brand makes your experience hassle-free in the long run.

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