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The benefits of buying a smart air purifier

Jun 12, 2018

An air purifier is a device which is used for cleaning ambient air. Where several technologies exist in the segment, air purifiers with HEPA filters remain the leading indoor air filtration technology. This special filter was invented to be used in nuclear reactors for capturing atomic dust. So, one can imagine the level of technological sophistication that goes into a home air purifier.

A HEPA enabled air purifier uses a fan to circulate air through the internal filters. The filter captures fine dust particles which we call Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5). These particles are several times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Their extremely small size means that they can get mixed in the bloodstream through respiration and cause n number of health problems for humans and other life forms.

Apart, from HEPA, there is generally an activated carbon filter which removes bacterial elements, volatile organic compounds and gaseous substances from the air.

Now, while an air purifier simply removes dust from an ambient indoor space and notifies the same through LED indicators, a smart air purifier comes with several other functions, for example,

  • With a smart air purifier, you can automate the functioning of an air purifier through a mobile app. The air purifier connects to your home network and allows you to control device functions remotely. You can start or stop the air purifier, increase/decrease the fan speed, or check the health of the filters, all from within the app.
  • Secondly, a smart air purifier also tells you about the amount of dust and pollutants cleaned during the filtration process. It lets you know about the type of pollution and its levels when you start up the device, allowing you to curb the entry of such pollutants inside your home.

Buying a smart air purifier in India

When you are looking for smart air purifiers online in India, you may come across several brands claiming to offer the best and cheapest air purifiers. However, going with an established brand, when buying your first air purifier, helps in keeping the maintenance costs to a minimum. Also, you can easily get air filters online when it’s time to change them.

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