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The importance of staying hydrated during winters

Oct 27, 2017

Few things are as satisfying as a chilled glass of water in the blistering heat of summer, particularly if you are working out on a regular basis. But when it’s freezing outside, the last thing on your mind is a cold beverage. That’s why it’s a lot easier for your body to become dehydrated during winter. With the warm summer months behind us, we no longer carry our water bottles to stay hydrated, do we? Here are a few reasons why staying hydrated is just as important in the winters as it is in the summers.

Water for health – The air becomes drier during the winter months due to the significant drop in temperature, leading to dehydration in our bodies. This in turn makes us feel fatigued and sluggish, and more susceptible to certain illnesses, such as cold or flu. When you drink enough water, you give your body 100% #SampurnaSuraksha to fight off these diseases.

Water for weight loss – Very often, we confuse thirst with hunger, and end up eating more. Especially in the cold winter months, when everything warm and decadent looks all the more dear. Drinking plenty of water will not only help you fight weight gain, but will also help your metabolism in digesting the food faster and more efficiently.

Water for warmth – For your body to maintain its ideal temperature, it should get enough fluids. Not drinking enough fluids could even cause hypothermia in some people when they stay outside for extended periods of time. Drinking plenty of water can actually aid in keeping you warmer throughout the winter. Avoid colder drinks, of course, as warm or room temperature fluids are best.

Water for clear skin – As mentioned earlier, the air is drier and feels harsher during winters, leading to cracked, flaky skin. While applying a moisturizer can help make skin supple, consuming adequate water is the key to maintaining that healthy and glowing skin. When you drink enough water, your skin circulation improves, which helps plump up the skin.

Water for detoxification – During winter, staying active can be a challenge, which makes it harder for the body to flush out the bodily toxins. Drinking enough water helps get those impurities out of our bodies and keep us energized and healthy.

There are plenty of reasons to include water in your regular diet. You can mix it up with a hot cup of green tea, or take hot water with lemon. These homemade recipes will also help you stay apace with your goal of 8 glasses of water a day. Also, limiting caffeinated drinks and alcohol might be a good idea, since they make the body even more dehydrated.

No matter what the season is, pure water is a priority for everyone. Livpure makes winter hydration easy with its range of water purifiers for home. Explore through our range of water purifiers to find the most cost-effective and healthy option for your family.

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