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The importance of the brand when buying a new smart home product

Jul 05, 2018

Smart home products make our lives easier, safer and more economical with their innovative design and technology. For example, smart LED lights help us save tremendously on our electricity bills over a period of time. Also, these LEDs have a significantly longer life span compared to an ordinary bulb or tube light, which means even more savings due to the reduction in replacement cost.

Similarly, products like home water purifiers and home air purifiers are helping in keeping us safe from the environmental pollution. These products are increasingly finding relevance with urban homeowners who are worried about the ill effects of air and water pollution on their and their family's health.

But, when the market for a product opens up and more people start buying it, homogeneous products spring up. While marketplace competition is considered a good thing for buyers, in a price sensitive market like India, a genuine buyer may some times end up with an inferior product. Here, the product doesn't need to be inferior only in terms of the quality of materials or technology used, on the contrary it might be of the highest quality on that front, but may lack after sales support, service network and repair centres due to its newness to the Indian market and the lack of local partners. Thus, even if a buyer gets the best quality product, he may regret buying it when the time comes for its service and maintenance owing to unavailability or higher costs.

On the other hand, buying such products from a brand which has had years of experience in the local market, is known and visible, gives a buyer the confidence of getting a high quality product and an after sale service to match it. Just to take up our earlier example of Air purifiers and RO water purifiers in India, Livpure is one of the most visible Indian brands in this space. The company has a diverse, price sensitive, product list to match the aspirations of Indian buyers and has a countrywide support network.

Therefore, it is very important to consider the brand when you are considering to buy a home water purifier, a home air purifier or any other smart home product.

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