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Things That Convinced Me To Buy My First Home Water Purifier

Sep 12, 2018

Hardly anyone can dispute that drinking purified water is beneficial for our health. But for years I was a little averse to the water purifying products available in the market. Since everyone was touting their water purifier to be the absolute best, it further disconcerted me from buying one. But after the recent spate of news about high pollution levels in India’s largest cities, I began researching about water purifiers online and offline.

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Here is what convinced me that water purifiers actually work

During my research on home water purifiers, I came across the following facts.

  • Most common sources of drinking water such as the lakes, rivers, bore wells, harvested rain water, piped municipal corporation supply, and water tankers are polluted.
  • Reverse Osmosis is a scientifically proven method of removing impurities from water.
  • RO water purifiers remove arsenic, metals, calcium carbonate, chlorine and other inorganic matter from the tap water.
  • RO+UV water purifiers can also kill almost all bacteria and viruses present in tap water.
  • Purified water doesn’t scratch or scale your kitchen utensils and equipment.
  • Drinking alkaline water is beneficial for our health and home water purifiers are provide it in abundance.

Choosing a water purifier brand

While RO water purifiers have become quite commonplace, newer technologies like UV water purifiers are also emerging. It generally depends on the pH and TDS levels of your tap water to determine the right product. However, having a little extra protection in place is never a bad thing when you are facing a dynamic problem like environmental pollution.

For the brand I decided to go with Livpure water purifiers as they have been on the home water filtration for as long as I could remember and have the largest sales and after sales service network in India.

Now that the product is in my home and working well for over a month, I can really feel the difference to my life. Getting access to clean water on literally a tap has become a reality.

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