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Things to Consider When Buying a Water Purifier Online

Jan 09, 2018

The Indian consumer market is flooded with water filtration products. Various brands are offering their water purifiers online and offline with varying claims about their effectiveness. Today we are sharing a list of things you should check when buying a water purifier online, or offline for that matter.

1. Water Purifier Technology

When buying a water purifier online, look up the product specifications to determine the technology used by the water purifier. You can get gravity based water purifier for negligible costs, but these water purifiers offer very basic protection from water pollution.

For more effective cleaning of tap water, go for an RO water purifier. The RO purifiers can remove almost all hard water contaminants from your water supply. You can also check out the RO+UV water purifiers which use ultra-violet rays to kill off bacteria and viruses present in water apart from offering reverse osmosis water purification.

2. Online Price of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are available at very affordable rates in India. Popular brands like Livpure are offering water purifiers online at very reasonable rates. So, make sure you check out the rates on different e-commerce websites before making a purchase.

Sometimes, the e-sellers may charge a delivery fee, increasing the final price. Purchase from official retailers to avoid these additional charges.

3. Installation and Maintenance Costs

When you purchase a water purifier online from an official reseller, the installation is provided free of cost by the brand. So make sure your online order for water purifier is placed with an authorised seller. You can also check out the product description to see if the seller is providing a free installation service.

Same thing applies to the maintenance of your water purifier. If you decide to purchase the replacement filters online, check out for deals and discounts on various e-commerce stores and keep a lookout for any hidden delivery charges.

A Healthier Vision for the Future

At Livpure, we are committed to our goal of providing universal wellness products for a better, healthier future for our society. Livpure water purifiers and air purifiers are available at all leading online stores. To select a water purifier that fits your home requirements, visit our website by clicking here.

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