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Things to do before buying a water purifier for your home

Jun 26, 2018

Buying any home product requires a little bit of research. If you know what type of technologies and configurations are available and what they are used for, it becomes easier for you to purchase the right product and avoid buyer's remorse. A home water purifier is one such investment.

Most people visit a store and ask for a water purifier that gets the job done. But in a bid to save a couple of hundred bucks, you might end up with an inferior product which not only lacks in providing adequate protection from water pollution but is also costly to maintain over a period of time.

Here we are sharing the things you should know about before buying an water purifier in India.

  • Checking Water Quality at Your Home: While Indian municipal water supply network does lack the effectiveness of its American and European counterparts, it is still advisable that you check the water quality for TDS levels before buying a water purifier. In case you are lucky and the TDS levels are at par or below the acceptance levels, you can do without a water purifier, or opt for a gravity-based water purifier which is available at very low rates, just to be on the safe side.
  • Considering Your Storage Requirements: If you are opting for an RO water purifier, it is better to purchase one with a storage tank. While water purifiers with smaller storage tanks are ideal for small families, it is ideal to go for a larger tank capacity if you have an extended household or plan to use the water purifier for office.
  • Getting a Reliable Branded Product: The brand of a home product should matter the most in your consideration rather than the price. If you purchase a good, branded product, it will save you money over time in form of maintenance and service costs while providing the best protection from water pollution all the time.
  • After Sales Support: Sometimes even when you buy a product from a new and popular brand, the after sale support and parts availability (filters etc.) turns out to be disappointment. While the brand may build its rep over time, you can save yourself from the hassle by going for an established brand.

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