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This is Why You Shouldn't Be Drinking "Health Drinks" Instead of Water

Oct 05, 2017

Water forms the basis of life, and is the most essential need to sustain human life apart from oxygen. Our body has a minimum requirement of water for optimum functionality- any less an amount would lead to serious health concerns. This optimum amount of water for the body to function properly is believed to be around 2 litres a day. However, what plain natural water lacks is a characteristic odour and a taste. Although that doesn’t at all affect any of its health benefits, people now tend to move on to the tastier health drinks that proclaim to be more nutritious than water itself!

In the recent times, there has been a considerable advancement and growth of the health drinks industry. Health drinks and energy drinks come with various flavours that proclaim to not only satiate our hunger but also our taste buds. These energy drinks do contain certain valuable minerals and vitamins, but is it wise to use them as a substitute of water? Certainly not.

 Flavoured health drinks are laced with caffeine and sugar. These are high on the calorie content and cause a variety of health issues if used excessively. Read on to find out the health problems that might kick in if you think of having a health drink as a replacement of the good old plain drinking water!

1) Affects the heart:

Health drinks primarily contain high doses of caffeine and other compounds that can modify and boost heart rates and can lead to an increase in the overall blood pressure levels. Caffeine, in high doses, causes the cells of the heart to release calcium which can directly interfere with the human heartbeat leading to a host of health problems, such as arrhythmia among others. Energy drinks can also cause an imbalance in the salt levels in our body.

2) Poses a threat of miscarriage:

Though health drinks cannot be directly held responsible for a miscarriage, still they pose a serious threat for the same. According to a study, pregnant women consuming more than 200mg of caffeine per day would be twice likely to have a miscarriage with respect to those who don’t consume caffeine at all. As of now, there have been no conclusive statements relating the risk of miscarriage to the intake of energy drinks. However one should always health drinks with high caffeine amounts to entirely avoid the threat of a miscarriage.

3) High calorie content:

Water is one of the basic necessities to sustain life, and the human body requires around five to six glasses of water to carry out its functions at an optimum rate. However, the same amount of health drinks may contain unbelievably high levels of calories which are extremely harmful for the human body. Although health drinks shouldn’t normally contain calories, still this isn’t the case with most of them. Water has zero calories and doesn’t do your body any harm.

4) Increases alcohol dependency risk:

According to recent surveys, an increased intake of energy drinks might lead to an increased dependency on alcohol. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you stay awake for a longer period of time so that you consume some more of it! A study points out that people who gulp down these energy drinks at a frequent rate are 2.5 times more likely to match the criteria for alcohol dependence relative to those who don’t.

5) Impairs cognitive abilities:

While it is common among students to use energy drinks to help them in studying through the night, the extreme levels of caffeine in these drinks can seriously hamper their cognitive abilities. While a moderate intake of health drinks might make you perform better, any excess can lead to a sudden drop in the performance graph.

Health drinks are definitely tastier than the ordinary drinking water. But, do you need to replace water with these energy drinks that pose such threats to your health? Absolutely not.

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