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Tips for Treating Hard Water

May 31, 2018

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Prolonged consumption of hard water and its use for cooking can cause health problems in individuals. Also, hard water causes scaling on utensils and plumbing as the minerals continue to accumulate on metallic surfaces.

How to find out if the water is hard?

While you can generally tell if there is scaling on your home’s plumbing, there is also a simple test that you can do.

Fill up a transparent plastic or glass bottle with water up to the halfway mark. Add 10 drops of dish washing liquid to the water and cap the bottle. Now give it a shake. If the water turns soapy and foam forms quickly, the water is fine. However, if there is very little foam and it has a thin soapy film, then the water is most probably hard.

Treating Hard Water with an RO Purifier

An osmotic membrane removes almost all inorganic matter, such as minerals and dust particles, from the water. With a home water purifier, you can ensure a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water for your family.

RO purifiers are available from various brands in the market. However, buying an RO water purifier from a recognised brand will help you save the hassles associated with servicing and maintenance of smart home products. Furthermore, brands like Livpure offer longer filter life and a prompt on-site assistance, which means lower service costs in the long run.

Buying a Water Purifier Online

Livpure water purifiers are available through all major e-commerce websites in India. The company also offers installation support for water purifiers purchased through official online selling partners. You can check for this when buying the water purifier through the product or seller description.

Also, replacement filters are now available for online purchase. Or you can simply, place a service request and the engineer will call up with details of your maintenance schedule.

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