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Ultimate Guide: What to Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water

Jun 01, 2017

You plan to take a quick shower but also don’t want to miss an important call. So, you take your cell phone into the bathroom. Of course, the slippery lather will not give you a good grip when you try to answer your phone. In a split second, you’ve dropped your phone in the bucket filled with water. For a moment your heart is in your mouth! Well, you’ve got nothing to fear. Here’s how you can make sure your phone is back in working condition. 

1. Quickly pull it out!

If it quickly fell off your hand, you need to be quicker than that and pull it out right away! If it’s still on, make sure to turn off your phone. Operating your phone while its wet is a sure shot way of destroying it’s circuit board and completely ruining it.

2. Dry it

Ensure that your phone is dry and cleaned. Pull out the battery, the sim and microSD card from the handset. Similarly, if your handset has a removable back panel or a port cover, you need to open and let those areas dry as well.

3. No to blow drying

Try your best not to use the blow dryer. The extreme heat from your dryer may damage your phone’s sensitive internal components. Similarly, do not place your handset in a freezer or oven. Both the methods are just rumours and absolutely don’t help in fixing a wet handset.

4. Use silica or rice

Take a bowl of uncooked rice and bury your handset. The rice will help by soaking away the moisture that’s trapped in the phone. It may completely dry your handset both in and out. On the other hand, fill a plastic bag with silica packets and drop your phone into it. Silica has a desiccant nature. Just like rice, it’ll soak up the moisture. Be it the rice or silica method; your phone will have to be placed in the bowl or bag for a duration of 3 days. Make sure you have a spare phone to use.

5. Turn it on and give it as test

After the above steps, it’s time to turn on your phone again and test. If all went well, it’ll certainly power on. You might run out of luck if it doesn’t choose to start. This happens because the handset’s internal components have been corroded due to salt present in the water

6. Can give it a rinse 

If the above steps don’t work, this final step may be your last resort. Take your handset apart and strip it down completely to its circuit board. Then, get a toothbrush and soak it with more than 90% isopropyl alcohol. Later, gently brush over the circuit board. For a few minutes, you could also try swishing and submerge your phone around in the alcohol. Then, see if your handset switches on.

In a worst case scenario, if your phone refuses to power on, it’s time to let it go. Hopefully, you have your pictures and videos on your microSD card and your contacts from your sim. Also, consider buying insurance for your new handset. But this time make sure you never drop your handset into the water or any other beverage at all.

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