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Water Dispenser vs. Office Water Purifier, Which One Should You Get?

Feb 13, 2018

Drinking water supply in an office setting is one of the quintessential requirements. Most offices use some form of purified water solution to meet the daily need of drinking water for their employees. The two readily available sources of clean water for small and medium offices are water dispensers and office water purifiers.

In this post we take a look at the viability of these two sources of clean water for an office.

Water Dispenser

First up, let's take up the pros and cons of getting a water dispenser for your office water supply.

  • Pro: Water dispensers come with various functions, you can opt for ones that simply dispenses water from a refill bottle, or select one which has hot, cold and normal water dispensing capabilities.
  • Pro: Some water dispensers also have a cold storage box to store dairy supplies (milk, butter, etc.).
  • Con: Refill bottles need to be kept handy for a constant supply of clean water.
  • Con: The water supplied through refill bottles is generally packaged drinking water instead of being purified water as claimed.
  • Con: The plastic refills are stored in various conditions (humid, hot, etc.) which means there is a chance of harmful plastic compounds getting mixed into the water.
  • Con: Supply of water can be disrupted if the supplier is unable to meet the demand.

Office Water Purifier

Now, let us have a look at the pros and cons offered by an office water purifier.

  • Pro: Ensures a regular supply of clean water for your office employees.
  • Pro: Does not require daily refill delivery.
  • Pro: No chance of pollutants entering your office water supply as the water is being purified on the spot.
  • Pro: Saves cost of acquisition of refills and daily handling charges from the water supplier.
  • Con: May have a shorter maintenance cycle due to heavier use.
  • Con: May increase your electricity bills marginally.

Our Verdict

When it comes to providing clean drinking water that keeps your employees healthy and active, office water purifiers win outright. Also, the slight increase in costs associated with water purifier maintenance are generally less than or equal to that of having an office water.

We can further discount the additional features offered by water dispensers due to the fact that offices generally have separate, more practical arrangements such as coffee makers and refrigerators for different needs.

Therefore, we advise getting an office water purifier over a water dispenser. Visit Livpure.in for more info in water purifiers for office and home.

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