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Water Therapies For Headaches And Migraine During Summers

Aug 30, 2018

water therapy for headache & migraine

Are you often reaching out for painkillers when you feel a headache or migraine attack coming? Well, it is not a very good idea to feed your body with so many over the counter drugs and we are sharing a list of natural therapies which can help you overcome those nauseating headaches, especially during summer months.

All headaches are generally caused due to chemical, emotional or structural problems in your body function. So instead of looking for a quick fix with a tablet or capsule, which only mask the problem, you can try to sort out the issue itself and quite literally get rid of the headache.

During summers, dehydration is one of the major causes for headaches. Treating your headache by drinking clean, cool water is one of the best options. You can also develop a regular water drinking habit to permanently get rid of headaches caused by dehydration.

Water also aids in treating other types of headaches, namely:

  • Headaches caused by chronic stress and tension
  • Hormonal headaches which are similar to migraine as they affect only one part of your head
  • Sinus headaches which are experienced after a cold or during a medical condition

Water is a natural relaxant, drinking it cool or warm is both beneficial. If you need to destress, drink warm water to relax your body muscles and joints and if you have been suffering from fatigue and hormonal headaches, a glass of cool water (not chilled) will give you a refreshing and relaxing feeling.

Also, you should take care that you are not adding more impurities to your already imbalanced body functions. Hence, drinking clean water is also of utmost importance for water therapies to work.

The reverse osmosis filtration technique is widely recognised as the best commercially available water purifying technology today. A home RO water purifier or an RO purifier in your office ensures that the water you are drinking is clean and free of all organic and inorganic impurities. Leading brands like Livpure have added newer technologies like UV water filters to remove over 99% of the organic and inorganic pollutants from home water supplies, ensuring the health and happiness of millions of households in India.

If you are worried about the rising levels of water pollution in India, consider buying a home water purifier. To get help, visit us at www.livpure.in

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