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Water toxication is becoming a serious issue in India

Mar 26, 2018

Water toxication means the contamination of sources of clean drinking water by organic and inorganic substances, which makes it harmful for consumption.

In India, we are already witnessing a shortage of clean drinking water. The problem gets worse during summer months, especially in metro cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Water toxication worsens the problem by shrinking the already small pool of clean drinking water.

The major causes of water pollution are sewerage, use of chemicals in agricultural activities and industrial wastes.

Untreated Sewerage is being unceremoniously dumped in the rivers, lakes and ponds all over the country. The lack of municipal infrastructure to deal with the increasing household wastes directly results in pollution of millions of litres of clean water every year.

Agricultural use of pesticides and insecticides has been increasing day by day. Partly due to the lower productivity of land farms caused by inadequate supply of water and lack of moisture in the soil – a vicious cycle. Usage of these chemicals has lead to an increase in the chemical concentration of underground water.

Industrial Wastes have been time and again questioned for their negative impact on the environment. Our water bodies remain one of the hardest hit ecosystems from industrial activities.

All these things combined are rapidly limiting the available fresh water for drinking and cooking. World governments have realised the realistic danger posed by water toxication. That’s why international treaties and summits, such as the Paris Treaty of 2015, are setting aggressive pollution control targets for participating countries.

For now, homeowners can switch to smart home technologies to ensure a healthy life for their family and friends. Home technologies such as RO water purifiers are capable of providing a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water. The reverse osmosis water purifier can remove almost all inorganic impurities such as chemicals and metallic elements from your tap water.

New technology such as the RO + UV water purifier is effective in removing both organic and inorganic impurities. The water purifier uses ultra violet rays to kill bacteria and viruses, which are then removed through RO filtration.

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