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Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winters

Feb 01, 2018

Winters are not kind to our skin. Reports of flaky and scratchy skin is a common health issue in colder weather. Colder weather causes the moisture in the air to drop drastically, therefore causing the moisture from our bodies to evaporate quickly. Furthermore, our metabolism is working overtime in cold weather to keep the body warm, thus using up the internal water.

A dehydrated body suffers from various skin problems during winters. Here is how you can reduce skin damage and keep it glowing during winters.

Use lukewarm water for face wash and bathing

While we do love hot showers and baths during winters, excessively hot water strips away the oils and other natural moisturising agents from our skin. Therefore, prefer lukewarm water over hot water for baths and face wash during winters.

Moisturise after a wash or a bath

It is also important to moisturise your skin immediately after a bath or wash because the open skin pores will absorb the moisturiser more readily. Thus, providing long-lasting protection from skin dryness.

Drink water regularly

Yes, we know it is quite hard to keep track of your water intake during winters. However, it is important to keep your body internally hydrated to counter the dry winter weather. Download a water drinking reminder app in your smartphone and buy a home water purifier to make sure you are having regular, clean drinking water.

RO water purifiers also ensure that your body and skin are protected from harmful in-organic compounds and minerals present in tap water supply.

Get a humidifier

Getting a humidifier or oil heater for your home is also a good idea. Opposed to the regular heater, which dehydrate our bodies, humidifiers provide warmth by putting the moisture back in the air, which is quite good for your skin.

Avoid hard drinks

Alcoholic beverages may warm up your body when consumed, but this is because they are hard to digest and cause the digestive system to work full time. This process however consumes the water in your system, leaving you dehydrated and exposing your skin to damage. Limit your alcohol intake to keep your skin healthy in winters.

So, these are our 5 tips to keep your skin healthy during winters. Add your suggestions in the comments below. To buy a home water purifier online, visit us at Livpure.in

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