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What is HEPA technology?

Mar 27, 2018

We often think that air pollution is an open air phenomenon, but that's not the case. Pollutants enter our homes all the time through open spaces and activities such as cooking and dusting, and electronic equipment in our homes, emit their own set of pollutants.

Prolonged exposure to indoor air pollution can cause or contribute to development of allergic reactions and lung disorders.

Home Air Purifiers

These smart home products offer protection from indoor air pollution by trapping the dust and pollutants. As opposed to a vacuum cleaner, which only rearranges dust inside your home, an air purifier removes the pollutants permanently from the air. Also, the air purifier is able to remove ultra fine particles also known as particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) from the air. Additionally, special carbon filters remove chemical, gaseous and volatile organic substances from the air, thus protecting you from inorganic and organic irritants present in the air.

So, what makes an air purifier so effective against air pollution?

A HEPA filter.

Known as High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance Filter, the HEPA filter is the last word in air filtration industry at the moment.

A HEPA filter has a paper-like appearance, it is made from a fibre material which is folded like a concertina. The foldings greatly increase the efficiency of the filter while also providing greater contact area to the air-stream inside the air purifier, thus improving overall air flow. The HEPA filter both absorbs and traps dust particles due to its fibre construction.

The reason behind HEPA filter's success is that it was originally designed for use in the nuclear industry for trapping harmful radioactive particles. So you can understand the level of technology you will be using when buying a home air purifier.

If you are living in a city like Delhi or Bangalore, buying a home air purifier will not only give you cleaner air but also ensure that you remain healthy and productive, always.

Livpure is an Indian air purifier brand offering home and office air filtration systems with the highest quality HEPA filters. You can check out Livpure air purifiers online by visiting us at www.livpure.in

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