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What Makes RO Purifiers the Best Water Purifiers for Home and Office Use?

Jan 10, 2018

Looking for an ideal water purifier but still confused about its usability? Well, in this post we are sharing the reasons you should get a water purifier for your home or office.

  1. Although, a local Municipal water treatment plant uses purification techniques to filter water from your local source, chances are that it may still get contaminated. Since the water treatment plants are located at some distance from your home, the water may pickup contaminants while being supplied to your house through a vast network of pipelines.
  2. Water treatment plants often use chlorine disinfection to remove impurities from the water stored at public water works. Chlorine disinfection can form harmful by-products such as TTHMs (total Trihalomethanes) and HAAs (Haloacetic acids) in drinking water. These chemicals are known carcinogens and therefore need additional purification through RO water purifiers.
  3. If you live in an apartment complex or have a water storage tank in your office building, poor hygiene around it can also lead to germs and contaminants seeping in to your tap water supply, thus necessitating additional filtration with a water purifier.
  4. Ground water pumped through bore wells is generally high in salts and harmful chemicals due to increased use of pesticides and insecticides. Ground water may also contain heavy metals if there is an underground deposite of minerals and metals nearby.
  5. Most importantly, conventional gravity based water purifiers do not ensure complete removal of heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and excessive salts from water. RO water purifiers on the other hand use fine osmotic membranes to filter out the smallest of the impurities dissolved in your water supply.


About Livpure Water Purifiers

Livpure offers smart home products for the collective health of our society. Our RO water purifiers are acclaimed for their effectiveness in removing contaminants from polluted water. To browse Livpure home products, visit our official website.

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