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What’s in Your Water? 3 Reasons to Use a Filter

May 17, 2018

The menace of water pollution is real, we do not need rocket science to realise that. Everywhere in the world, polluted water is causing a range of health issues, affecting farming and the damaging the ecosystem.

The water we use for drinking and cooking in our kitchens can also contain a number of harmful pollutants. While municipal systems use certain water filtration methods, the sheer size of this task in a country like India makes it impossible to control the quality of supplied drinking water.

Here are the things that can enter the water supply in the absence of adequate filtration and storage measures.


While a majority of bacteria are either harmless or beneficial, there are certain varieties which can cause diseases upon ingestion. A high concentration of pathogens in drinking water supply can be caused in cities where the sewage lines run near the or parallel to the water supply lines. Older cities with ageing infrastructure generally suffer from this problem.

Organic and Inorganic Contaminants

Contamination of drinking water can occur through mixture of organic elements like detergents, disinfection by-products, insecticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds etc.

Inorganic compounds such as arsenic, ammonia, chemical wastes and fertilisers also degrade the water quality, making it unfit for drinking.

Now that we know of that the clean water pouring out of our taps might not be so clean after all, it is time to review the benefits of installing a water filter. Home water filtration devices are commercially marketed as water purifiers. These days you can buy water purifiers online and offline through e-commerce websites and authorised resellers.

Here is why having a water purifier at home or in your office is essential.

Protection from Water Pollution: Well, to state the obvious, with a water filtration unit in your home or office, you can ensure a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water. RO + UV Water Purifiers from Livpure are able to eliminate all organic and inorganic contaminants from tap water, and are at the cutting edge of the water purification technology.

Healthy Growth of Children: Water pollution is not just a problem that affects our health, in extreme cases it can also affect the growth of those with weaker immune systems, especially children. Therefore, if you have children and seniors at home and live in a metro area, getting a water purifier may prove beneficial for their overall growth and well being.

Gives You the Peace of Mind: Needless to say, having a clean source of drinking water means you never have to worry about the ill effects of water pollution. Just ensure that your home water purifiers never misses a filter replacement or service checkup.

If you would like to know more about home and office water purifiers, click here to visit the Livpure products page.

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