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Where can I buy a good water purifier in India?

May 28, 2018

The Indian smart home product market has seen a rapid growth in recent years. Home owners have been pro-actively investing in technologies such as air purifiers and water purifiers, mainly due to the growing health concerns among the salaried income groups.

Water purifiers have seen the most investment when it comes to smart home technologies in India. Due to an ageing public distribution system and degradation of water quality in major sources of clean water, the water purifier has become a necessity for Indian home owners.

If you are researching about water purifiers on the internet before you go ahead and buy one, the Livpure Water Purifiers page is a good place to start with. Livpure is one of the leading manufacturers of smart home products in India. The company offers water purifiers for homes and offices and has sensibly priced its range to suit every need.

For instance, you can buy a gravity-based water purifier, if the TDS in your tap water is at acceptable levels. Or, you can go for an RO water purifier, which remover inorganic matter like arsenic and hard water elements, by filtering the water through an osmotic membrane. Finally, if you are really concerned about the quality of water that is being used in your home for drinking and cooking, you can buy an RO+UV water purifier. These water purifiers remove organic and inorganic matter from the water through an osmotic filtration plus ultra-violet treatment method.

Buying a Livpure Water Purifier

Livpure water purifiers are available online through the official website. You can also buy a water purifier of your choice from e-commerce websites like Amazon India and Flipkart. Select a product as per your home’s requirement. You can read the reviews and ask questions from the seller to resolve any doubts you may have about the technology or capacity of the water purifier.

If you wish get a complete demo of the product before you buy a water purifier, you can visit your nearest Livpure reseller and ask for a product demo and specifications. To know more about Livpure water purifiers, click here.

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