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Why Should You Drink a Full Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning?

Apr 26, 2017

In today’s world, people lead a busy lifestyle. In several situations, we turn a blind eye towards the simple and basic aspects of our lives like taking care of our health. A sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress at work and home, the absence of an exercise routine, and unhealthy diet leads to both mental and physical problems. In the longer run, the problems get worse. If we desire to see a change, it begins with us.

To stay mentally and physically fit is vital. You have access to one of the easiest and natural healing phenomenon from nature. It’s known as water. This incredible resource can do wonders in improving your health. Let’s take a look as to why it’s beneficial to consume fresh and clean water in the morning.

1. Boosts your metabolism

Studies have shown that after consuming a large glass of clean water after waking up fires up your metabolism. It rejuvenates and makes you feel fresh. Both your mind and body benefit from water.

2. Avoid dehydration

You’ve just woken up after 7-8 hours of sleep. During this period, you haven’t had any water, and when you wake up, you’ll be dehydrated. Drink a glass of water as it’ll give you energy and revitalise you.

3. Flush out toxins

Water has an amazing feature where it helps you get rid of the toxins present in your body. As long as your intake of water is adequate, your kidneys will clean and dispose of unwanted and unhealthy elements. Drinking a warm glass of water after waking up is beneficial too. It’ll help loosen and make bowel movements easier. 

4. Your brain loves water

More than 70% of our brain is water. When you’re not hydrated, your brain is affected. You’ll feel unenergetic, experience fatigue and mood fluctuations. So, make sure you drink the recommended amount of water every single day. When you’re well hydrated, your concentration level is high, and you’ll be equally productive throughout the day.

5. Lubrication

Water’s a great resource that’ll help you fight against back pains, migraines, sprains and cramps.  Staying hydrated will ensure that your muscles and joints are lubricated.

6. Control your weight

Water contains zero calories. People, who are serious about reducing weight, practise a simple and effective trick. They consume a good amount of water before every meal. It makes them feel full and thus reduce the size of their meals.

7. Works great for skin

Water is a natural moisturising agent. It has an anti-aging property by helping you reduce wrinkles. Moreover, it helps your skin look vibrant and improves the complexion as well.

8. Works wonders for your immune and digestive system

Drinking the right amount of water at regular intervals of time will help you battle against flu and ailments that are related to heart attacks. Water promotes digestion and also helps you prevent constipation.

Drinking water after waking up in the morning is a good habit. When you pair it up with your regular workout regime and a clean diet, you’ll notice significant changes with your health. You’ll begin to look and feel better about yourself! So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the amazing benefits of water.

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