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Why Spreading Awareness About Water Pollution is Important?

Jan 05, 2018

Water is a life-giving element, and that itself is reason enough for us to take steps against water pollution.

While 71% of earth's surface is covered by water, only 3.5% of it is present in inland water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater. The rest 96.5% is ocean water, which is not fit for direct human or animal consumption.

Therefore, it is important that we take steps for both water conservation and water preservation.

Water Conservation

Protecting the sources of clean water is essential for the prosperity of our future generations. Apart from joining movements to save local water bodies, one can contribute indirectly by reducing water wastage and promoting water friendly technologies.

Water Preservation

There is a very fine line between water conservation and water preservation. While the former is concerned with protecting water sources, the latter is related to maintaining the purity of water in the local water bodies. Saving a water source such as a nearby lake is of no use if the water in it is not protected from pollution.

Initiating Water Conservation and Preservation

Here are some steps you can take to contribute to the very important cause of conservation and preservation of our water sources.

Starting Water Pollution Awareness from Your Home

Every revolution begins with you. Water wastage in households is one of the primary sources of water pollution as this waste water eventually reaches rivers, ponds and lakes through sewerage.

Inculcate water conservation at your home by telling your kids and family members about its importance. This will not only ensure water conservation but will also help preserve the natural sources of water in your area.

Participating in Water Conservation Drives

Organise or participate in water pollution awareness drives in your locality. Every positive step finds a natural support from like-minded people in the society and such drives are essential for promoting water conservation and preservation.

Protection from Water Pollution

While we work towards a society that understands the importance of water conservation and preservation, it is also important to take steps for the present. Water pollution is causing major health issues for people in India and abroad. Buying home water purifiers is one of the best ways to ensure a clean supply of drinking water for your family.

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