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Why switching to water rich foods is a good idea

May 10, 2018

Eating water rich foods can also help you achieve your daily water intake targets. If you are finding the goal of drinking 3-4 litres water a day, difficult to achieve, switching to water rich foods can help you shave off a few glasses of water each day; and still achieve your water drinking targets.

Experts also advise switching to water rich food as they not only help you in getting hydrated but also benefit your body with additional nutrition.

Nutrition from Water Rich Foods

In general, almost a quarter of our body's water intake comes through food that we consume. Fresh fruits and veggies are the most water rich foods and may have up to 95% water content. Some example include, cucumbers, watermelons, courgettes and radishes.

Healthy hydration is not about drinking water, but about retaining it in our body. When we drink too much water, most of it ends up in our bladder, passing out as waste. However, the water you eat as food is surrounded by other molecules which help in retaining it and sending it to the cells rather than wasting it. Therefore, water rich foods help in holding the water inside our body for longer periods and thus, providing long-lasting hydration.

Drinking Water is Also Important

While eating water rich foods definitely has its benefits, the importance of drinking water cannot be denied. It is also a fact that our stomach has a limited ability of digesting food and overwhelming the digestive system with frequent meals can cause a number of health issues.

Water provides calorie-free nutrition and therefore, it is important to have a source of clean drinking water such as an RO water purifier in your home. RO water purifiers are the best technology for purifying water in homes and offices, offering a peace of mind for home owners living in polluted urban environments.

In India, brands such as Livpure are actively innovating their water purifying products to ensure wider public health and spreading awareness about water pollution. If you are living in a city like Delhi or Bangalore, buy a water purifier today to safeguard your family from the menace of urban water pollution.

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