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Why you should Drink Water when driving over long distances?

Dec 11, 2017

Researches in the past and many ongoing studies have connected dehydration with performance loss. People tend to lose concentration when dehydrated, and in more severe instances, one can even suffer from a loss of consciousness. This means, dehydration can be very damaging to our productivity and health.

One such case in which dehydration can endanger our well being and that of others is while we are driving over long distances.

Driving is a Strenuous Exercise which requires Total Concentration

you are on the wheels

When we are driving, a very many things are going inside our head, we have to watch the road, gauge the traffic, process the information in real time and use it make decisions on the road. This means you have to be on the peak of your awareness when driving, which can be quite tiring, especially if you are on the wheel for long periods of time.

Extensive research in driving performance has uncovered a relation between driving and hydration. Since, it has already been established that dehydration causes unnatural fatigue, linking it with strenuous driving conditions means our ability to make alert decisions diminishes even more.

A mild dehydration (feeling of thirst) causes our performance to drop by 1% or more, and the cognitive performance drops even more if we do not drink water for extended periods. A study conducted by European Hydration Institute points out that there is a marked difference between mistakes made by individuals while driving when hydrated and when not so.

According to the research, mildly dehydrated drivers are almost twice as likely to make driving errors when compared to a well hydrated driver. The research also found out that dehydrated drivers are more likely to swerve between lanes and brake late, which are two main causes of highway accidents.

Ways to keep yourself hydrated when driving for long periods

drink water while driving

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