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Why you should never miss your RO filter replacement

Mar 28, 2018

When you buy a water purifier, you have to take care that it is maintained properly. Like any other home product, water purifiers also require timely maintenance and replacement of parts to continue working effectively. It is more important to pay close attention to your home water purifier's filter replacement cycle due to its direct impact on your and your family's health.

This water purifier filter maintenance and replacement guide will help you determine how often should you change the filter inside your water purifier.

The water filter is the part which removes the harmful contaminants that pollute your drinking water. For an RO water purifier, it is recommended that the sediment filter, carbon filter and DI cartridges should be replaced every 6 to 8 months. A routine check up from your RO maintenance engineer can give you an idea about when to replace these filters.

The RO membrane which filters out the inorganic compounds needs replacement every 2 years. However, the exact degradation of your RO membrane depends on the quality of water in your area and a routine maintenance call will shed more light on the life of your RO filter's membrane.

The DI cartridges last 6-8 months before requiring replacement. There might be a case for earlier replacement if you are using your purifier for filtering large quantities of water. For example, if the RO water purifier is being used in an office setting.

Things to keep in mind for maintenance of RO filters:

  • The sediment filter in your RO removes dirt from the water to protect the RO membrane. It should be replaced at least once a year.
  • The carbon filter removes chlorine and other chemicals from the water and is responsible for getting rid of foul odours as well. A carbon filter also requires replacement once a year.
  • Check your RO for drips and leakages to avoid contamination of water stored in its tank and reduce the possibility of scaling on the RO membrane. Timely service calls with your RO manufacturer will ensure that the water purifier is working at 100% efficiency.

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